Success stories from some of the people we’ve worked with…

“This year Nolin Foundation has helped us attend farming training at Umunze college, which has been very helpful in my farming career. I am now energized and have embarked on serious chicken farming. I am hopeful that by the end of next year I will have more than 2,000 birds. By selling more eggs I have been able to support my children who are in school and also provide for my family’s needs.”David from Kagumu, Kenya “Nolin Foundation supported our school this year by providing water tanks so we can harvest rainwater. We now have water for drinking, bathing and cleaning the classroom. My hygiene is improved. I can wash my hands after visiting the toilet and before eating, which protects me from illness and disease. I am also very happy for the girls, since they no longer have to miss lessons during their period. They can now keep clean during lessons, and this has made them compete with the boys.”Emmanuel from Uganda.

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